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Last Update : Aug 1, 2004

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Date: Jul 31, 2004
From: me n stuff

dude someone please get me some bass tabs for paul gilbert please PLEASE come on cause i want my band to cover a few songs like aligator farm and individually twisted


Date: Jul 13, 2004
From: progamer

gue mau ikut jadi anggota...
boleh dong...
sekalian mau nyari informasi2 and ilmu guitar

Date: Jul 2, 2004
From: erniezack

Hi paul it was great meeting you and mike p. and the rest of the band at the restaurant after the hammer of the gods show in canada we were sitting there after eating talking about the show and you guys walked in and sat down right next to us . we got to talk to you guys for about an hour and got autographs and pictures and mike p. got to talk to my son tom who is a drummer on the cell phone back in de. i'll send you the pictures one at the restaurant and one back stage maybe you can autograph them and send a copy back (lol)well nice meeting you looking forward to some new music from paul the young Dude the Superloudest Guitarist in the world erniezack

Date: Jun 25, 2004
From: matt


Date: Jun 20, 2004
From: dinga

Paul, you are the best player i've ever known . I've been kept busy by your skills and stuff. I wanna be as good as you.

Date: Jun 17, 2004
From: max power

Im a really big music fan and l was just wondering if you ever get bored of playing in the same style all of the time?
I dont mean playing in a rock contexts or blues style, l mean like playing really quickly all the time.
Recently l heard your cover of jimi hendrix's purple haze and l was left kinda wondering what l just heard.
Dont get me wrong you could whip my ass at guitar any day of the week and l know that, but lm just curious as to why you play really fast, why that style appeals to you compared to the way guitarists like john frusciante play. What lm basically getting at is listening to 5000 notes every second after a while sounds the same no matter what you play.
rock on by the way, drop in to europe some time

Date: Jun 17, 2004
From: max power

Howdy there, l would just like to say that that guitars rock (displays devil horns \m/) and playing them rocks too, \m/ \m/. In a weeks time lm going to see steve vai and l was just wondering what you think about the big name guitarists like vai and joe satriani. Also just out of curiousity how old where you when you first started playing guitar? Also recently l heard that steve vai was clocked in as the fastest guitar player in the world with something like 28 notes per second, is this true? If so why dont you step forward and kick his ass, your well fast and could win yourself a gold medal.


Are you going to be playing anywhere near, around or even in Europe anytime soon?

cheers From scotland

Date: Jun 1, 2004
From: Peter Griffin


Date: May 26, 2004
From: Igor Lupino

Hi Paul!
I'm your fan from Brazil,age of 18!
I play guitar since 2002, and I want (if is it possible)play like you one day...
I know that many guitar players wish to play like you,can you tell me some magic way to try it?

Date: May 22, 2004

Hi Paul.
I'm a Japanese age of 18.
I'm always comfused by the fastest your finger.
How great U are!!!
Please take care of your fingers.
See you...

Date: May 17, 2004
From: Joko

We're from Staria Music Indonesia Distributor for Burning Organ Album in Indonesia,
Can I have Paul's email address?

Date: May 14, 2004
From: ncoez

gw juga suka banget ama permainan mr gilbert,......

Date: May 3, 2004
From: James

Hey Paul, I've been listening and learning from you for years. I was recently burned in a fire and had to get skin graphs on my arms and hands. While I'm healing, I'm going back through some of your videos and transcriptions to work my fingers back to where they were. You have always been and still are a huge inspiration for me. If there's anyway possible, I'd like to send you my bands cd as a small thanks for the years of motivation. Take care.

Date: May 1, 2004
From: ward

Keep Rippin Paul

Date: Apr 17, 2004
From: dani


Date: Apr 13, 2004
From: Angel

hey Pablo ...

Me and Sunny do agree that ... You ROCK ...

I loved Frenzy - Scit Scat Wah - Flamengo and many others ... but you know what ... I loved Viking Kong so so so very much ... I can't get enough of it ... I really can't ...

You are so awesome ... I envy you for being so talented ... well ... everyone is talented in their own way ... but still ... your music ROCK ...

By the way ... without Sunny I wouldn't have know you ... he told me so much about you and your guitar wolrd ... And crazy to say this ... but I loved your music ...

Waiting always for more :)


Date: Apr 6, 2004
From: Cone (from sum41)


You Rock,
i am completly inspired by your music and trying to learn all your crazy moves! ROCK ON CAUSE YOU KNOW YOUR THE BEST!

Date: Mar 20, 2004
From: Emerson Maningo

I think I could bet you when I was in the age of 18...playing guitar as fast as you did during your 1988 guitar wars, but i stop practicing seriously...now at 23, i changed my style to classical-flamenco style, playing classical at top speed as I could just what you did in your "Flamingo video", well that's my hobby right now..I will start playing seriously Flamenco guitar right after I could buy a classical guitar i think this last month of March 2004.That could be a breakthrough for me, I will play with that breakthrough classical speeds without a guitar pick..I will be practicing seriously again.
In addition to that, Im planning to jam with you in the future, hopefully even it's unofficial..teach me to write better music on a manuscript..and I hope we could play great guitar blues together..(dont worry I know all pentatonic and blues scales,thanks for your lesson!).
You and Francisco Tarrega are my most favorite
guitar writers of all time.Thanks for the music!!Keep rockin'

Date: Mar 15, 2004
From: Murphmister

you are the best ever i love you shit loads

Date: Mar 10, 2004
From: the wind

HI .......
your the the
of the best

Date: Mar 9, 2004
From: Para Adhi Dharma

Hi! I'm your fans from INDONESIA! I'm 16 years old, and male! Last week i visited the homepage of mr. big, (your ex-band, that makes you famous all over the world) and i read that mr. big is no longer together! That's mean Mr. Big is passed away left the world, don't you know i'm very love mr. big! I know you maybe angry with the person on mr. big, but don't you know with do that( quit from Mr. big) you make mr. big broken! I write this coz i trust to you, i trust you will take mr big sing again, you made this band big, bigger, and biggest band on the earth! I will write also to, Pat;Eric: And Billy! Please call me if you agree to join mr. big again! I'm on

Date: Mar 8, 2004
From: Le manual

I never have hear Paul Gilbert before, and now I know what i've been loosing.
Paul Guilbert is THE KING, is A MACHINE, is THE BEST and i'm shure he's SATAN.
Where I can find paul's newest TABS?

Date: Mar 6, 2004
From: Big Jim, Humboldt Rocks!

Paul, I have been on this big rock called earth for a long time... Heard lots of guitar players, you sir are the BEST! I have conducted an extensive test at all the local partys and YOU have WON! Everybody knows it! I won't ask for "personal lessons" or anything like that, however, if you ever need to donate your brain and hands to medical science, I'll gladly take them!!! Rock on good sir!
P.S. If you do go for that brain deal trust me, do not take mine for trade! It is broken real bad! Yea!

Date: Mar 4, 2004
From: k_c0a

the one of my bigest dreams is to have a pgm 30 wh like yours and to see you face to face. i hope i can have pgm 30 wh from you with yor sign there. i hope my dream can come true. i hope you will send a pgm 30 wh to me please....... you ca answer me at k4c04@yahoo.com

Date: Mar 4, 2004
From: sunny

hey pablo,
man i dont need to say much we all know u r the best your music is really cool and entertaining i make my barbi bang her head cause im satan and then i run down to mexico man u rule totally u r awesome.any plans of comin to india.

Date: Mar 3, 2004
From: juks

hi..... paulo, i'm the one of your fans in Indonesia. i really like your stile when your palaying guitar. your guitar sound it's verry interesting to me , i wonder when i will be like you !!!! and i really like to have pgm 30 like your guitar that you usually use.

Date: Mar 3, 2004
From: john gilbert

try and play faster monkey man

Date: Mar 1, 2004
From: kpidi

What is that book?

Date: Feb 20, 2004
From: Andy_Vai

halo Mr. Paul Gilbert
you are the best gitarist in the world. i want play like you, but i can't. can you teach me
how i can play like you, i always a dream can play like you. you are my inspiration. saya sangat tertarik dengan permainan mu . seandainya saya bisa bermain seperti mu?( tapi saya rasa tidak mungkin)
paul gilbert aku mohon untuk mengajari aku bermain sepertimu!
can you teach me?

Date: Jan 14, 2004
From: The Capn'

Hey, I recently got the video of Paul doing "flamingo" and I was wondering if anyone has tabbed it and if they'd be so gracious as to email to me. I've been trying to figure it out from the video but I get lost when the camera pans and zooms in on Paul's hands. If anyone can help that'd be cool.

Date: Jan 13, 2004
From: buluq_

gue gak suka ama paul gilbert perminan gitarnya monoton gue lebih suka ama steve vai perminan gitarnya menyatu dengan jiwanya

Date: Jan 1, 2004

PAUL,dude u toally rock man.I have nothin much to say man hehehe but any plans for INDIA.By the way sorry my name is sunny.haha,KEEP ROCKIN MAN U TOTALLY RULE.


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