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Last Update : Jan 19, 2003

At the Barcelona Hard Rock Cafe
(by courtesy of Salvo)

In Sao Paolo, Brazil
Aug 20, 2001
(41KB) (17KB) (27KB)
(11KB) (43KB) (21KB)
(36KB) (11KB) (41KB) (14KB)
(by courtesy of Fabio Z)

In Sao Paolo, Brazil
Aug 20, 2001
(153KB) (151KB) (45KB)
(106KB) (144KB)
(by courtesy of Nivea Maria de Sa)

In Santiago, Chile
Aug 16, 2001
(22KB) (25KB) (23KB) (23KB)
(24KB) (29KB) (48KB) (26KB)
(49KB) (55KB) (42KB)
(by courtesy of FancyMusic S.A)

In Lima, Peru
Aug 15, 2001
(17KB) (14KB) (68KB)
(by courtesy of FancyMusic S.A)

In Philipines
Apr 25, 2001
pic(KB)pic(KB)pic(KB)pic(KB)with Mike Turner(KB)
(by courtesy of Riki)

In Singapore
Apr 27, 2001
pic(126KB) pic(21KB) pic(27KB) pic(126KB)
(by courtesy of Trix)

In Korea
Apr 18, 2001

Apr 19, 2001

(by courtesy of Sujin)

At Tower Records Umeda in Osaka
Jul 3, 2000

Guitar Clinic at Skip's Music in Sacrament, CA
Nov 19, 1999
pic(61KB) pic(61KB) pic(58KB)

PG at Musical Instruments Fair Japan
Oct 17, 1999
pic(59KB) pic(48KB)

PG (drums) with Zakk Wylde
Sep 17, 1999 / Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo, Japan

A picture from Paul

Paul Gilbert in Japan
Apr 8, 1999 / Umeda Heat Beat, Japan
pic(57KB) pic(60KB)

Paul Gilbert in Japan
Dec 2, 1998 / Shibuya HMV, Japan
pic(76KB) pic(75KB) pic(63KB) pic(55KB) pic(58KB) pic(70KB)

Paul's clinic
Made in Italy

Paul's clinic in Petaluma, CA
Oct 21, 1998 / Petaluma, CA (Stars Music)
pic(71KB) (by courtesy of Tomoko)

Paul Gilbert at Batgirl Studio
Thanks Paul!
pic(47KB) pic(52KB)

Paul Gilbert 1998 Japan Tour
Mar 13, 1998 / Umeda Heat Beat
pic(75KB) pic(54KB)

Paul Gilbert at The Troubadour (West Hollywood)
Mar 4, 1998 / The Troubadour
pic(56KB) pic(44KB) (by courtesy of Kyoko)

pic(38KB) pic(37KB) (by courtesy of Tomoko)

Paul Gilbert's guitar at Hard Rock Cafe San Francisco
pic(77KB) (by courtesy of Monique)


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