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Last Update : Jun 18, 1999

Jun 18, 1999

Hello! Here is the latest news:

I have a new CD called "Beehive Live" that will be released in Japan on June 23rd! It was recorded on the "Flying Dog" tour, and features 14 songs. I hope to release both "Flying Dog" and "Beehive Live" in the rest of the world soon!

Also,I have a new "official" web page. The address is:


It is still being finished, but there is already, news, rare photos, and more to check out. I hope you enjoy it!

Finally, I will be doing a clinic tour of Canada from June 21-25. Please check with your local Ibanez dealer for details.

I have lots of exciting musical plans this year, so please check my web page often for the latest news! Thank you!!!


Paul Gilbert

Apr 8, 1999

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